"Little children were being brought to [Jesus] in order that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples spoke sternly to those who brought them; but Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs."  ~ Matthew 19: 13-14

Throughout the pandemic, I was led by John Wesley’s (founder of the 1700’s Methodist Movement) spiritual life pattern that some of us know as the “Three Simple Rules.”

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  1. Do No Harm.
  2. Do Good.
  3. Stay in Love with God.

I have appreciated these simple rules of life as long as I have known them. In ministry, I have shared; taught; discussed; and pursued them.  But during the COVID-19 pandemic, these “simple rules” took on an entirely new meaning. They became a deeply ingrained spiritual life pattern.  I worked hard to follow the rules daily as I led the church, and as I parented two school-aged children.

This Thanksgiving season, I am drawn to them again because they pinpoint for me why I am called to lift my voice in support of the COVID-19 vaccine for all persons, especially for the littles ones.

It’s as simple as Wesley’s simple rules. As I follow Jesus and as I minister to a community that remains daily still under threat of this awful virus, I must do my part and support others to:

  1. Do No Harm.
  2. Do Good.
  3. Stay in Love with God.

And in this very moment? This work … these simple rules look like speaking up and speaking out to say that the faith community supports the COVID-19 vaccine for all persons. 

Because right now? The faith narrative being shared … or the one being heard? says otherwise.  Sadly, the faith community voice that is the loudest … the most present … the most reported and the most heard … that voice …. presents itself as anti-vaccine, and anti-mask.  And this loudly present, reported, and heard voice often comes across more as a political power player than it does as a spiritual framework to the most precious gift of all: life itself.

Across the United States and up and down the state of California, we are seeing a heightened and vitriolic politicization of public health and preventative measures in school districts, and in the media.  But the reality is … that  …. nearly one million children in the United States have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of this school year. The now-approved vaccines for children age 5-12 will finally bring relief to many schools and families, communities everywhere, but only if school boards and other officials, faith communities and neighborhoods stand up to the peddlers of misinformation who are angrily seeking to block mask use and vaccine access.

So, I must speak out and speak up; we must speak out and speak up. The broad, diverse and grounded faith community must speak OUT and speak UP in favor of the COVID-19 vaccine for all persons. We must speak out and speak up first and foremost for the youngest, most vulnerable among us … the children.

The Little Ones.

We must together endeavor to speak clearly and broadly that we support the COVID-19 vaccine for all persons who are medically approved for it.  That we support masks and public health guidance to fight this horrific illness and bring our communities — one and all — to a place of health and wellness.  

We must together speak up for all persons, especially those who can’t speak up right now … so that someday – together — ALL of us will live in a world … FREE of COVID-19.

For the Little Ones.

We must.


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