Prayer for This Day: Sunday, March 15, 2020

water_20342bcLoving and caring God,

we pray in hope—

hope that will sustain us in our trying times,

our lonely times, our doubting times.

Refresh us this morning and everyday with the living water

of your presence and love.

We lift our prayers of thanksgiving to you.

  • We are grateful for the communication systems that connect our world with analyzed data to understand the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is on our minds night and day.
  • We are grateful for the common sense public health measures and proactive calls to action.

We lift our prayers of deep longing and heartache to you.

  • We grieve for the families whose elders have been swept away by the virus. 
  • Replace fear during increasing lockdowns with focus and quiet action.
  • Help us in unforeseen ways to grow in our understanding of our connectedness. 
  • Safeguard the emergency and health care teams and families exposed across the continents.
  • We lift to you the many families and peoples affected by the world economy’s slow down, the closures, the freneticism, the anxiety that we feel everywhere we go.

We ask for your mercy and compassion in these times.

Sustain us, O God.

Sustain us this morning and everyday with the living water of your presence and love.

In Christ’s name, we pray,


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