Day One: Sugar Cereal & Devotion

Today is a day.  It is the first of many or a continuation for some of social distancing for the betterment of our entire community at large.  Schools are closed.  Corporate worship isn’t a thing.  Mid-week dinner church and small groups … not a thing.  Restaurant are closing.  Extra-curricular everything is cancelled.  I just learned that yoga studios are asked to close, too.  😦

Yep.  Today is a day!  Many of us now have our kiddos at home and we are finding ourselves (quite suddenly) in the role of homeschool lead teacher of a multi-grade classroom.

I am here to say:  YOU GOT THIS because WE GOT THIS.  🙂

Breathe and Scream as you need ! (not kidding) … and remember … you are not alone.  God is with us all – as parents and as children of God, ourselves.

Jesus is walking right next to me and you and our loved ones … and all in our communities. He never ever leaves our side.

Today IS a day!  So, here’s a super simple prayer to guide you through it.  Teach kiddos the response.  Use it today (OR any day that you might all be struggling a little … just.getting.along)

One:  Send your light and your truth.

All: Lead us, Jesus.

One: Help us to pray instead of fight.

All: Lead us, Jesus.

One: Make our home your home.

All: Lead us, Jesus.  Amen.

On our end?  We started our morning with a short devotion that closed in that prayer above.  Now before you think (well, yeah, you’re a PASTOR and your kids HAVE to do this  ….) Let me detail that a little for you.  We lit a candle, read the devotion and then?  had a fantastic bowl of 100% sugar cereal (because that was all that was left at Wal-Mart last night) and milk.  So, I will take the points for protein and not setting the little book aflame.  Those counts as wins, yes?

Peace be upon you and the sugar cereal, too,

Pastor M.

Devo March 16
Monday – 3rd Week of Lent

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